Harness the power of your thoughts!

A Wellspring of Thought (found at is an eclectic collection of thoughts, prayers, and reflections over a period of time. It’s description is as follows:

There is power in writing down your thoughts; you just never know what they may become! And If you feed your spirit with good things, your thoughts, words, and actions will reflect that.

It’s inevitable that what goes into your heart and mind will come out, albeit in a different form.

Come and join in the discussion; get inspired to reflect deeply on the Word, harness your thoughts, and pray earnestly to God.

Start making your prayers affirmative statements that line up with God’s will for your life.

You have a right to decree and declare the changes you want to see in your life!
If God disagrees, He can always overrule you! Go ahead! Be bold and courageous, as an heir to the Kingdom of God!

Death and life are in the power of your tongue!–Proverbs 18:21

“A Rich and Uplifting Read!”–Greg Brown

Download your copy today of A Wellspring of Thought here ( and have a read!


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