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Need help with editing, proofreading, writing, or book formatting?

I am here to help! With over 20 years of writing and teaching experience, I am able to help improve your writing and to present your content in a clear, concise, and professional manner.

I also specialize in content creation and formatting and can help you with articles, biographies, books, essays, letters, short stories, etc.

Client Testimonials

Here’s what Rick Hightower, author of 26.2 Miles to Grace had to say:

Jeannette was a godsend. From the first time we talked about working together, I knew she had my best interest because I really got to know her through the running club. Like most first time authors, everything was new. I knew that I was stepping out on faith. I also knew by stepping out I needed encouragement and Jeannette was a source for me. Not only was she a source, it was her skill as an editor that I needed as much.

Being new to this process, I was looking for my author’s voice and she help me find it. Beyond that, she worked wonders in typesetting my book as well as managing the photo layout from files principally from my iPhone. I still don’t know how she did it.

She did a fantastic job on the big things like copy editing, typesetting, formatting and working with Amazon KDP proprietary software and also a tremendous job on the little things, which were just as important like a missing “dor a misplaced period. Jeannette was both timely and responsive. When you are working on deadline you typically want things done yesterday.

Jeannette was prompt and efficient in responding to my inquiry. As a result, most things were done “yesterday.” She was a big reason I finished writing my book in 18 months which is considered unheard of for a first time author. One of the most critical roles she played in the development of my book was in the last two weeks before publishing. She re-read my entire manuscript and gave me specific ideas and recommendations. Jeannette and I worked hand-in-hand in those two weeks to make sure we had a product that I would be proud of.

Jeannette’s final proofreading was key to me finding really small microscopic errors that neither I nor any author would want in their final version. As the book’s creator, I am really proud of the effort to mitigate and minimize mistakes. This is due, in no small part, to her work. Jeannette was not only invaluable to the process, she was invaluable to me.–Rick Hightower

Click the link above to order Rick Hightower’s book.

Want to schedule a FREE Consultation? Send me a message at: jcollings@awellspringofthought.com and let’s talk about how my services can benefit you in your writing endeavors.



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