If Jesus Had Yielded to Temptation…

Temptation of Christ

If Jesus had yielded to temptation, we’d all be doomed!

According to the passage about the temptation of Jesus (Matthew 4:1-11), the tempter (devil) can be allowed to come to you, lead you, and take you places. But you have a choice not to yield to his temptations. If you resist the devil, as the Bible says, he will flee from you as he did after tempting Jesus in the wilderness!

Jesus was too weak to go anywhere after his fast was over.  Then the devil came to tempt him. That is one of Satan’s strategies—to tempt you the most when you are weak. Yet, although Jesus was too weak to resist the devil physically, He was strong in Spirit. And He used the Word of God to resist the devil.

So watch out and be on your guard against the wiles of the devil, especially when you are weak. Know your Word (the Bible) so you can fight back. Know that God’s strength is perfect when yours is gone. Know that you have power in the name of Jesus.

How do you handle temptation?

Have you read your Bible today? You will be better able to resist the devil if you know what is in the Word of God. There is great power at your disposal. Read it, study it, understand it, believe it; speak it! The devil knows the Bible; you should too!

When you are too weak to flee temptation, like Jesus was after fasting 40 days and 40 nights, use your mouth to speak the Word of God. And if you can’t speak it, hum it. And if you can’t make a sound, think it and let it crowd out all the tempting thoughts/words. Every time you are tempted with wrong thoughts, ideas or suggestions, take them captive by countering them with the good Word of God. Always have an answer for everything; study the Bible to learn and you will!

Since you are human (and we all are), however, you may fall when you are weak and drawn away by your own desires. Yet you can get back up again, if you want to. Seriously…Just repent, sincerely, and start over! God’s grace is greater than all your sin! Choose the right path and walk in it—the way that leads to life!


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