Goodbye June! Hello July!

As we come to the close of yet another month, we can reflect on the events and experiences that touched our lives. In the month of June, I experienced many joys as well as sorrow. Within the span of 4 weeks, I celebrated my second child’s high school graduation and college enrollment, my husband’s birthday, Father’s day, mine and my husband’s graduation from Disciple Bible Study IV, and our 23rd wedding anniversary.

Among all those high points, I was saddened to hear about the death of a college alumni (who was younger than me) and endured strange weather in Texas. Life is sometimes unpredictable, as the weather often is; we can make our plans, but we are not in control of the outcome. God is in control. We do not know what each day will bring; we can only plan, hope, and pray for the best. We still have work to do, to achieve our goals and fulfill our purposes in life. So, while we enjoy the happy moments and endure the difficult ones, we must keep pushing, keep leaning on the Lord, and trusting in His word, believing that all things are working together for our good. (Romans 8:28)

How have you handled the ups and downs that come with living this life? Were there more highs than lows, or vice versa? Do you believe that the best is yet to come?


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