What Is Your Song of Praise?

“I will sing of your love and justice; to you O Lord, I will sing praise.”

Psalm 101:1
Photo by André Cook on Pexels.com

I had a dream that I was about to sing a solo on a stage in a crowded auditorium. When I arrived in the lobby of the venue, several ladies whom I was acquainted with were ushering, and one of them asked me, “What did you come to do?” I replied, “Don’t you know?” Then, another usher asked, “Are you going to show us up?” And I said something like, “Don’t you know that I am here to do the Lord’s work?”

As I walked down the aisle from the back entrance to find a seat, I noticed that there were many dignitaries and VIP there; and, I could feel the energy and excitement in the room, as the audience waited in anticipation for the concert to begin. The “house” was packed, but I got down the aisle and found that the front row was curiously empty, as if it was reserved. “Should I sit there?” I thought about it for a second, but then changed my mind and went halfway back up the aisle to find a seat in the middle among the audience.

Then, I thought to myself, “Did you rehearse the song you are about to sing?” I knew that, even though I had sung it before on a separate occasion, it was always good to refresh my vocals. It was important to make sure that I remembered all the lyrics and that I could still hit the right notes. However, the concert was about to start, and I had no time to practice out loud. So, I decided to rehearse the song in mind, and hoped that it would go well when my time came to sing.

What was the song? It was “Amazing Grace”. Not “how sweet the sound”, but the one that “will always be my song of praise”, a.k.a. “He Looked Beyond My Faults” (Written by: Dottie Rambo).

I woke up in the middle of my mental rehearsal and remembered everything…well, almost everything. I also wondered if the Lord was showing me things to come. Whatever it is, “Amazing Grace will always be my song of praise” because Jesus “looked beyond my faults and saw my need”.

What is your song of praise? Do you have a special one that you defer to? If so, praise God and practice singing it every chance you get. If not, think back over your life and consider all that the Lord has done for you. Then, thank Him for everything. Sooner or later, a song of praise will arise in your heart, and you will give glory to God.

P.S. I am planning to do an acapella rendering of the song soon. Click here to subscribe to my music channel, so you will be the first to know when it uploads. Blessings. 🙂


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